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patching panda eurorack kits

delightful little modules from barcelona!


moon phase:  Stereo 12dB/octave state-variable multimode filter with powerful imaging technique to enhance and alter the stereo field. The resonance sounds beyond any other filter when you play with the stereo imager control.  With 8 different combinations and span to separate both filters, you increase the possibilities to treat your sounds and open them in the stereo field.  Applying audio rate cv to the stereo imager or span control input and sweeping the cutoff control will create a unique character to the filter.The resonant peaks can be shifted around the stereo field, every cv input can be modulated up to audio rate frequencies creating a wide palette of sonic combinations. All SMT parts come pre-soldered for you

vibrazum v1.2 designed to create movement to the sound making a complex waveform with few elements, or going deeper to build a crazy patch with the separated channels. Vibrazum is very versatile with lots of voltage control inputs. Feed 1 audio input into  three separate voltage controlled band pass filters with voltage control resonance. Each channel is able to sweep in all the frequency spectrum. The feedback is capable to resonate in the low frequencies. You can route every BP separately and also have a dedicated mix output with attenuation controls The filters are 2 pole 12dB/oct  All SMT parts come pre-soldered for you

n.v.h.s. : designed to emulate a vast palette of percussive sounds from your waveforms mixed with the internal noise core and filter. Noise, vibration & harshness synthesis module. Inspired on the 808 noise core. BP and LP voltage control 2 pole filter with resonance. Inside vca with fast response, voltage control decay with logarithmic fall. External input , 8hp, Skiff friendly, Power consumption 32mA@+12V, 27mA@-12V

punch v1: Punch is a small dual DECAY + VCA thought specially for design percussive sounds. The decay can be turned from smooth to more aggressive logarithmic responses it can be activated with triggers, gates or cv’s. When logarithmic response is activated, a bit of curve is applied to the attack as well as more natural percussive envelope.  Utility module designed to generate percussive sounds from your waveforms, also can generate percussive envelopes. Dual vca with voltage control decay, Logarithmic fall response. Fast attack (when logarithmic response is turned, a bit of curve is applyed to the attack as well as more natural percussive envelope).Can be activated from triggers, gates or cv., , 6 hp, Skiff friendly, Power consumption 22mA@+12V, 23mA@-12V

flip panda (flipanda) : Dual attenuverter , Sum output, Inverted output . 5v or 10v constant voltage when no input is connected, 3hp, Skiff friendly, Power consumption 27mA@+12V, 29mA@-12V

petit mix v1:  3hp Eurorack mixer module with 4 inputs. Each input has its own level control and all inputs are DC coupled to allow for CV mixing as well as audio. There is a bi-colour led on the Frontpanel to indicate signal polarity for active channels.  3hp Mixer Module, DC coupled, 4 inputs, Low noise, Bi-colour led showing positive (green) and negative (red) voltages All SMT parts come pre-soldered for you

copycat: 2hp dual Buffered Mult features 2 channels of 3 outputs or 1 channel of 6 outputs if nothing is connected to the second input, it has 2 bi-colour led showing positive and negative voltage. DC coupled, 2 inputs, Bi-colour led showing positive (green) and negative (red) voltages

hatz v2: Analog hit-hat module combining 2 kinds of noise heart ❤ white noise and metals. 2 pole filter for each individual channel with CV.  Vintage drum machine accent style with choke function. Linear and exponential fall selection in both channels. Decay control with CV in the open hat. External input to design your own sounds. Hold intput for manually open the envelope via gates and CV. 2 leds indicator. 10HP. All SMT parts come pre-soldered for you

shuby: Logic noise Complex noise generator with 2 different outputs. Out 1 produces clean square waves with sub-harmonics and tone selection, remembering the nostalgic video consoles and taking it to strange metallic vibes. Out 2 is dedicated to the heavy chaotic metallic winds and explosions from other dimensions . Both shares the same signal modulation path, a dedicated output mix is placed to combine both textures to create a unique complex metallic percussions.

punch v3: Punch is the ultimate VCA-DECAY module for eurorack format. V2.  Vintage drum machine accent style per channel with gain control, allowing to create dynamic sounds and dynamic envelopes.  Utility module designed to generate dynamic percussive sounds, basslines, leads, envelopes and more. Dual VCA with voltage control decay. Linear to exponential fall response. Snappy attack Envelope out per channel with a switchable inverted function following the dynamics create from the accent.  9HP Power consumption 52mA@+12V, 50mA@-12V All SMT parts come pre-soldered for you


manuals and build guides are available here: patching panda

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