Pharmasonic SYS-700 711 Phase Shifter

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Pharmasonic SYS-700 711 Phase Shifter

SYS-700 Phase Shifter 711 is a clone of the Roland System-700's Phase Shifter 711.


From a friendly builder: “Another trouble free build. It's one PCB and fairly densely packed with parts, so if you are using taller electro caps, you can simply mount them on the back (power connector) side of the PCB like I did. I will probably eventually go up on the two knob sizes to make it match the rest of the system (same with the previously posted mixer), but it looks pretty good as-is, so that will just be an afterthought on my next order.

Calibration is basically finding the sweet spot where the phased sound doesn't clunk off at the deepest setting. There's always some phasing, which I assume is typical. Maybe there's a bit more sweep when it's built for +/15V, but it sounds just like the demos I've heard online.”

Module Parameters
Panel Size14HP

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