Phonemes Alan and Friends rev 2.1



Phonemes Alan and Friends rev 2.1

New  in 2021!

A Loudest Wanring/4U format module modeled after the popular Eurorack Turing Machine. 

From the maker:

“For those who have not heard about the Turing Machine, a popular Eurorack module, it is easily described as a controlled-random looping sequencer. Basically, it spits out sequences of notes, in a random fashion, since your only control over the sequence is the amount of randomness. In this version, I added some expanders directly on it (those related to sequencing) to make it a meta-random sequencer. It has multiple trigger outputs, two CV outputs, and can work as a noise source. It only needs a clock input. It also has the original expanders connectors on the back, so that you can use existing ones.

I modified a bit the circuitry from the original, so the clock should be more robust and the noise source a bit louder; the tuning procedure is also easier. Also, I made some design choices (omitted some outputs on Pulses, less LEDs than in the original...).

Oh, and with the right panel there is no reason that it could not be used with R*S format, since it's 4 rows. It could theoretically work with Buchla too, the CVs are positive and +/-15V should be ok.

Here is the link to the build documentation:


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