Power Cable MOTM and Frac 0.156MTA 4-Pin 4-wire B-B-R-W


Power Cable MOTM and Frac 0.156MTA 4-Pin 4-wire B-B-R-W


power cable, 0.156MTA 4-pin, MOTM & Frac 4-wire (B-B-R-W) kits and cables

derivative of the original Blacet Research power cable kits and assemblies- genine molex KK parts, 4-wire twisted cable by National Wire & Cable

use our kits to make your own power cables- includes 20’ (6 metres) of 4-wire twisted cable to make 10X24” cables or any combination of longer lengths to suit your rack. 

kits includes 24 X 4 pin female connectors,  pins, and cable


optional high quality waldham hand crimp tool can be purchased here if you don’t already have one


assembled & tested cables also available in 16”, 24”, 36”, 48” lengths

contact us for custom lengths




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power cable assembled 24"
In stock / $7.99
Available : 16
power cable assembled 16"
Out of Stock - $6.99
power cable assembled 48"
In stock / $10.99
Available : 14
power cable assembled 32"
In stock / $9.99
Available : 10
molex hand crimp tool
Out of Stock - $19.00
super power cable kit 20'
Out of Stock - $29.00

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