PRO2021 DIY Keyboard Synthesizer

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Weston Precision Audio PRO2021 DIY Keyboard Synthesizer

The Weston PRO2021 is an amazing DIY synthesizer project—a bit of a sleeper, when you consider the capabilities and sounds as compared to the price and effort to build it. Devin Weston has created an amazing project and engineered it to be among the more thorough and professional DIY devices we have seen.

With gratitude to Devin, we are collaborating with him to make more of the PRO2021 kits available. We are offering it as a full kit and will also be offering an ‘ala carte’ parts page -- if you have most of the parts you need, but want to buy a few rare or hard-to-source-parts.

Much more information here:

The FULL kit includes the following:

‘Chassis Kit’ From Weston Precision Audio

- Formed Aluminum chassis bottom (black anodize with laser etch graphics) 
- Formed Aluminum chassis top (black anodize with laser etch graphics) 
- Bare PCBs (1x "A" Board, 1x "B" Board, 1x PSU Board, 2x VCO Module Board) 
- A-B Interconnect ribbon cable assemblies 
- Shielded cable for audio and MIDI board-to-chassis wiring 
- All pots (11mm) for build (100k Linear and 100k Audio) 
- Machined aluminum custom P2021 pitch bend and modulation wheel assemblies. 
- CNC Machined cherry wood left and right end cheeks (unfinished for your choice of finish) 

‘Finishing Kit’ from synthCube

- Music Technologies Group Turbo CPU

- FATAR keybed (semi-weighted, no aftertouch) and ribbon cable

- All PCB parts

- All Panel parts (knobs, switches et al)

- Custom d-shaft ABS black knobs

- All hardware

- Slide switch dust covers (lexan)

- All other cables, wires, assemblies


All you need to supply yourself is small disposable items like solder, shrink wrap tubing and zip ties- and time, of course!

NOTE FOR 2022 SHIPMENTS: THIS KIT WILL BE MADE ‘ON-DEMAND’ WHEN ORDERED WHICH MAY TAKE A FEW EXTRA DAYS TO SHIP.  A FEW ITEMS FROM THE KIT MAY BE BACKORDERED AND SHIPPED AT A LATER DATE (for example the FATAR keybed)— We expect the delay for those parts to be no longer than 4-5 weeks allowing you to get started on your kit until all the parts have been shipped. 



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