pt audio dual digital oscillator, pcb/chip only

pt audio dual digital oscillator, pcb/chip only (PCBPTDDOXNONE10) by

pt audio dual digital oscillator, pcb/chip only

this is a pcb+ATMega328p chip, used to build the pt audio DDO

the module is discussed here:

expected shipping date: by 15 july 2013

from the designer: 

It is based on DSS (Direct digital synthesis) and is running on a ATMega 328p chip. 

Both oscillators share a set of 4 * 8 Wavetables that can be interpolated. 
It has 8 modes of operation: 

1. FM, 
2. Fractal Saw 
3. Additive asymmetrical wrapper 
4. Multiplying symmetrical wrapper 
5. Bitkiller (subtle) 
6. Phase Slave 
7. And Xor Slaves 
8. Squeeze/sync 

pitch tracking is 5 octaves, 1V/oct. And can be offset +5 octaves with the coarse/fine controls. Additionally the pitch can be modified by the pitch mod inputs +/- 5 octaves. 

Osc1 can be switched down one octave, and osc2 switched down 8 osctaves. 

Osc2 can either follow osc1 or run free, by flipping the link switch. 

All CV inputs are 0-5V but the pitch mod that is -5/+5. All inputs are protected against voltages outside that range, but inputting a non expected voltage may result in unexpected behaviour 

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