Red Witch Fuzz God IV

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Red Witch Fuzz God IV


Ultra-flexible twin transistor fuzz, switchable parasitic oscillation mode and dual diode Octavia reside within this omnipotent all analog offering. Enter the temple and unleash your inner God of Fuzz!

The Fuzz God IV from Red Witch is the perfect choice for guitarists seeking wild and iconic fuzz tones. This pedal's circuitry is based on a classic '70s-style fuzz, but with modern modifications that allow for more control over the tone. The fourth iteration of the Fuzz God features aan added germanium-diode Octavia circuit for octave effects, an internal 8-way DIP switch to toggle between different tone and gain settings, and a massive array of 264 settings combinations. The pedal's unique knob structure allows for tons of tonal experimentation, enabling players to dial in a more vintage, dying battery-style fuzz or a modern, full-bodied sound with a smooth sustain.

The Fuzz God IV is built to withstand the rigors of the road, with high-quality components and rugged construction. The pedal also features true bypass switching for a transparent and noise-free signal. Whether you're a fan of classic fuzz tones or seeking to explore new sonic territories, the Red Witch Fuzz God IV will be your new weapon of choice.


Red Witch Fuzz God IV Fuzz Pedal Features

  • Versatile fuzz pedal for electric guitar
  • Crafted with NOS Silicon BC109 transistors and germanium diodes for accurate '70s fuzz sounds
  • Wrath circuit engages a parasitic oscillator that tracks your guitar signal in a chaotic manner
  • Octavia circuit delivers '70s-style octave fuzz effects
  • Middle footswitch is slightly raised, making it easier to toggle with precision
  • Sputter control allows you to create the "dying battery" fuzz effect
  • Internal DIP switches adjust gain and tone characteristics, offering a staggering 264 possible combinations
  • Can nail practically every type of fuzz tone imaginable, from smooth and singing sustain to belligerent octave fuzz to sputtering, speaker-ripping textures
Pedal Specs
Pedal TypeFuzz
Inputs1 x 1/4"
Outputs1 x 1/4"
True BypassYes
Power Source9V DC power supply (sold separately)
Power Usage42mA
Weight1.25 lbs
Manufacturer Part NumberFuzz God IV

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