RYK Modular M185 Sequencer

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The RYK Modular M185 Sequencer is a highly capable and versatile analog sequencer designed for use in Eurorack modular synthesizer systems. This module features eight channels, with an A/B split mode to run two separate sequences simultaneously, allowing for complex and nuanced rhythmic and melodic sequences to be created. The M185 also includes a range of features to aid in the creation and manipulation of sequences, including gate and CV outputs, clock in and out, and voltage-controlled probability for each step. With its compact size and user-friendly interface, the RYK Modular M185 Sequencer is an excellent choice for both live performance and studio use.


The RYK Modular M185 Sequencer is an ideal choice for those who require a high level of control over their sequences. The module's flexible design allows for the creation of complex sequences that can be easily manipulated in real-time, making it a powerful tool for live performance. Additionally, the M185's advanced features, such as probability control and programmable gate patterns, make it a valuable addition to any modular synthesizer system.



The RYK Modular M185 Sequencer appeals as a hands-on performance-orientated module for the easy
creation of complex melodic sequences.

It’s the original multi-step-per-stage sequencer that inspired the Metropolis and Metropolix modules.

The complete kit for Eurorack includes all parts:

2xPCBs, a high-quality panel, pots, knobs, switches, jack sockets, and all sundry components.


The kit is quite complex and is not for the inexperienced builder.



- 8 unique gate modes for creative rhythmic possibilities
- A/B split mode for two separate sequences, like having two sequencers in one box
- 2 channels of CV/GATE and MIDI I/O
- 15 Quantise scales [ NEW for 2021 ] OR pure analogue microtonal CV output


- 2 channels of CV and Gate outputs
- Reset input [ shared with MIDI input ]
- Sync output [ shared with CH2 gate ]
- Bidirectional Clock I/O
- MIDI input for MIDI clock in, MIDI note transpose
- MIDI output for MIDI clock out, MIDI note output


- 8 stages, each with individual 1-8 step repeats per stage
- 8 gate modes per stage [ Off, Once, All, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, Probability or Programmable, and Long ]
- Programmable gate patterns for 'on the fly' X0X style programming of gate triggers [ NEW for 2021 ]


- AB serial split sequence mode with 1-8 sequence repeats for AAABAAAB sequence structures
- AB parallel split mode, for two separate simultaneous sequences that play at the same time
- Root note offset and reset trigger options from sequence B to A
- 2.5V / 5V voltage range selectable
- MIDI note output including programmable velocity
- MIDI to CV converter mode [wow]
- Programmable glide per stage
- Easy user upgradable firmware using MIDI sysex files


– +12V = 75mA average, 110mA peak
- 12V = 10mA
– Width: 30 HP
– Depth: 38 mm
– Black anodised Aluminium panel, silkscreen in RAL 9002

The kit comes complete with all the cables needed to get started:
1 x TRS MIDI adapter, 1 x TRS CH2 CV/GATE cable, 1 x Euro Power Cable

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