Seismic Industries PAMT

Seismic Industries PAMT


seismic industries pamt

The PAMT is a small performance oriented module. It’s buttons can add or subtract exactly 1Volt from it’s incoming voltages. This can be used to transpose CV up and down by an octave. It has two signal inputs which are summed together, like this you can chain PAMT modules to extend the range of the transpose function.


more here: pamt

It is made from high precision parts, such as:

  • 0.1% tolerance resistors
  • Low Noise/Offset/Drift Opamps
  • Low noise voltage reference
  • long life SP86 pushbuttons (the king of buttons :) )

Tunable Parameters:

  • BUTTON 1 & 2: can add or subtract 1V from the input CV signals to transpose them by an octave


  • IN1 is the input jack for channel one
  • IN2 is the input jack for channel two
  • OUT is the summed output of IN, IN2 and the OFFSET voltage
synthCube offers ‘factory’ (maker) assembled versions of many of the modules we carry.
we also offer ‘assembly-on-demand’ (AOD) service. modules where we offer AOD, you can order a full kit, and also order the assembly-on-demand- labor item in your cart. We’ll assemble and test the module then ship it to you.
AOD modules come with a full one-year repair/replace warranty. Lead times for assembly vary based on seasonality and demand, typically range from 3-7 working days and may take shorter or longer


Module Parameters
Panel Size4HP

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