shakmat modular four bricks rook


shakmat modular four bricks rook


shakmat modular four bricks rook


modular grid

Tap your beat !

Far beyond basic step sequencing logic, the Four Bricks Rook brings a highly intuitive interface to all your rhythmic duties and provides a diverse array of features including CV addressable memory of 128 thirty-two steps tables where you can store your own sequences, precision timing to allow non–quantized/off-beat rhythms, an auto randomizer/pattern filler, and four modes defining the pad's behavior : play & record, recall patterns, play fills, or mute your sequences.


• Variable length sequences (up to 32 steps)


• Shift function scanning through different segments of the sequence


• Non-volatile memory allowing to store and recall patterns (16 slots of 8 - 4 tracks / 32 steps - patterns)


• Potentiometer and CV input for table addressing


• Quantize function per track


• Two playing buffers A and B


• Play Mode allows to play and record your sequence on pads


• Table Mode allows to read and load sequences stored in the non-volatile memory


• Fill Mode allows to use the tables in a more dynamic way


• Mute Mode allows to mute tracks and erase part of the sequences


• Random generator allowing to automatically fill the sequence or create random sequences


• Adjustable trigger length per track


• Current state (buffers / rndm / pointed slots / trig length) storing


• Factory tables including pre-programed beats and specials clock divisions such as triplet ones.


• Elektron style push buttons


• High quality metal potentiometers with double rubber injected knobs


• Bi-polar (-5V - +5V) CV inputs


• Skiff friendly (26mm deep)


• 16 HP Wide



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