SSI2131 VCO SMT IC Sound Semiconductor

The FatKeys™ SSI2131 Voltage Controlled Oscillator provides the core VCO function with buffered triangle, sawtooth, and variable-width pulse waveform outputs over a ten-octave range. The device offers unparalleled temperature stability, exponentiality, waveform integrity, and ease of use while requiring an absolute minimum of external components.

The SSI2131 is a new-generation voltage controlled oscillator for high-performance electronic musical instruments and other systems requiring accurate audio-band waveform generation. The device offers unprecedented levels of temperature stability, exponentiality, waveform integrity, and ease of use. Buffered voltage outputs include triangle, sawtooth, and pulse with PWM control.

A precision analog multiplier provides temperature stability, and careful attention was paid to improvement of triangle and sawtooth waveform accuracy compared to previous generation VCO IC’s.

Optional trims are possible for exponential scale and high frequency tracking which can be automated by CPU-calibrat- ed systems. The SSI2131 requires an absolute minimum of external components and is available in an easy-to-use 16-lead SOP package.

For equivalent VCO performance with more features, please see the SSI2130 which adds an integrated five-channel mixer, open-collector square output, sine wave generator, and through-zero FM/PM capability.


High Performance Synth Voice Front-End

Triangle, Saw, and Pulse with PWM Control

Unprecedented Temperature Stability

High-Integrity Waveforms

Superb Exponential Response

Buffered Waveform Outputs

Extremely Low External Component Count

Easy-to-Use 16-Lead SOP Package

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