SSL 1201 Thru-Zero VCO (Dotcom/5U)

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SSL 1201 Thru-Zero VCO (Dotcom/5U)

If you thought SSL's original Model 1200 was cool, then you really need to check out....

Our newest 1201 VCO is based on the superb new SSI2130 chip.  The 1201 offers all the features of our original Model 1200 with massively improved range, tracking and stability.  We've added continuous control of pulse width modulation, and separate linear and exponential FM inputs with convenient input attenuators.

Most importantly - the 1201 offers linear Thru-Zero FM (Frequency Modulation) and PM (Phase Modulation).  When paired with a secondary oscillator, these modulation types provide extremely rich harmonic textures.  Thru-Zero (or TZ) has proven to be difficult to produce in the analog realm prior to the availability of the SSI2130 chip.

In general, the SSL 1201 is a compact, high quality, precision voltage controlled oscillator for MU-format modular synthesizers, with an impressive number of functions for a single width VCO. Capable of accurate tracking over many octaves, it is also capable of acting as a relatively flexible low-frequency oscillator (LFO).

One of three common waveforms - Triangle, variable width Rectangle, and Sawtooth may be switch selected to the Wave output, with a separate Sine output ..

Sync ("hard sync") input can be used to lock two oscillators together to prevent “beating” effects or to provide dynamic timbral variations. The Sync input signal should be a clean rising edge (i.e. from a pulse or sawtooth wave) for best results.

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