SSL 1600 yuSynth Triple Clock Divider (Dotcom/5U)

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This module is meant to complement step sequencers or to be used to trigger events at regular beats. It provides a way of clocking up to three step sequencers at various rates from a single external master clock, the master clock rate can be divided by 1 (unchanged rate), 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 independently on the three dividers.

The three dividers can be clocked by the same clock signal on input IN #1, but a different master clock can be used for the second and third dividers by plugging it in the input IN #2 & 3.

The divided clock signals are available at outputs OUT #1, OUT #2 and OUT #3, and are visualized with LEDs.

A RESET input is provided to synchronize the dividers. Note that the outputs are all shaped to the same pulse width as that of the external clock.

Example : one master clock, STEP #1 = 1/2, STEP #2 = 1/3, SETP #3 = 1/5


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