SSL 1310 VC Digital Delay (Dotcom/5U)


The SSL 1310 Voltage Controlled Digital Delay is a unique single width 5U/MU module for producing short to medium audio delays. For shorter delays, short room like slap-backs are killer. At medium delays, you can emulate vintage tape echos. You can even force the module for longer delays, but digital quantizing noise becomes audible – but who’s to say what’s musical and what’s not?

It’s based on the ubiquitous Princeton Technologies PT2399 delay chip which is used in countless effects pedals. The really cool part is that delay times are voltage controllable, allowing everything from a little chorusing effect to a grinding, gurgling mass hysteria.

RECIRC-ulation (repeats) are controlled manually and can go way beyond self-oscillation! The MIX control smoothly blends dry, undelayed signal with the delayed, all the way through delay only (no original signal), thus saving a mixer at the output. Using an external VCA, filters and mixers, you can also create your own feedback patches. Cool and simple. Use two 1310s for cool stereo effects and through-zero-flanging!

CV AMT controls how much of the DELAY CV control voltage input is mixed with the manual DELAY setting. Go from Rockabilly slap to literally audio clicks in a single bound.

INPUT and OUTPUT levels are designed for the hot signals a synth produces, so for minumum noise and best performance, external audio devices such as microphones and guitars should be preamplified before being fed to this module.

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