Stroh Modular DIY Power Supply + Distro Kit

Out Of Stock Stroh Modular DIY Power Supply + Distro Kit


this is a diy kit for the stroh modular power supply

includes a switchable 110/220V power inlet that connects to the power pcb via spade terminals

includes everything you need to build the kit except for your choice of 18 AWG hookup wire, and a compatible AC cable to connect your wall power to the AC inlet. 

well-suited for multiple format systems-- the distro pcb includes slots for 5X10-pin euro, 4X16 pin euro, 8X 6-pin dotcom/mu and 8XMOTM/Frac headers


main pcb measures 6" X 6" and the distro pcb is 2" X 6"




IMPORTANT: ELECTRICAL POWER CAN KILL YOU.     By purchasing this kit you acknowledge that you are qualified to build the kit and accept full responsibility for any events and consequences that follow 

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