Super Synthesis VCFs

super synthesis VCFs, euro 12hp (ASMSSVCFSEURO12) by



from chris:

"VCFs from Super Synthesis is a dual voltage-controlled State Variable Filter in Eurorack format. Each filter has 1 signal input, 2 control voltage inputs with one attenuverter, and 3 signal outputs: Lowpass, Highpass, and Bandpass. 

When the resonance control is turned fully clockwise, the filter will self-oscillate, yielding a sine wave on the three outputs, 90 degrees out of phase with each other. The non attenuating CV input and bus connections are scaled for 1V per Octave response, so a keyboard or sequencer can provide keyboard tracking, or play the sine waves in tune.

VCFs’ signal inputs are DC coupled, so the filters can process both audio and control voltages. Great for making slewed and resonant envelopes and sequences. "

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