Syntaxis uVCF-2164-SV2-A micromodule




μVCF·2164-SV2·A is a voltage controlled state variable filter micromodule, providing low pass, high pass, band pass and notch response. The circuit is based on AS2164 chip.


  • four independent filter outputs:
    • low pass 12dB/Oct (2-pole)
    • high pass 12dB/Oct (2-pole)
    • band pass 6dB/Oct (1-pole)
    • notch 12dB/Oct (2-pole)
  • 6 summed cut-off frequency CV inputs
  • 2 summed resonance CV inputs
  • control voltage range normalized to 0÷+5V (may be changed 0÷+10V range by connecting control voltage to the micromodule pins through 100k$Omega$ resistor in series
  • exponential control of cut-off frequency
  • linear control of resonance
  • all inputs and outputs protected
  • high impedance signal inputs
  • buffered high impedance control inputs
  • buffered low impedance signal output with 1k resistor protection
  • dimensions: 40.64mm x 26.67mm (without pins)
  • a horizontal v-cut 2.54mm from the bottom edge allowing to reduce the board height by 2.54mm when mounting straight pins
  • +12V, −12V power supply
  • reverse voltage protection

Manufacturer: Syntaxis, Poland

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