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DIY pcbs, panels, parts

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Drill - Unibit #1

By Irwin Tool. Drills any size hole from 1/8" to 1/2" in increments of 1/32" and deburrs as it drill..

$9.95 Ex Tax: $9.95

Drills - 3/32" Shank

Swiss made, fit Dremel #481 collet OR Jacobs chuck on a 1/4" drill or drill press. Click the item ti..

Price : $2.75 Ex Tax: $2.75

Drills - Wire Number for PC Boards

High Speed Steel. Sizes from #53 (.059) through #70 (.028). Click the title for a list of sizes...

Price : $0.90 Ex Tax: $0.90

Dual-Concentric Knob For 9mm Pot

Machined aluminum, for the Alpha Dual-Concentric 100K, SKU 1012AA. Available black anodized or natur..

Price : $1.75 Ex Tax: $1.75

Energizer Clip Light

Clever Product! Clip it on where you need a little more light: Book, Music Stand, Chassis. Bright, w..

$2.95 Ex Tax: $2.95

Five-Pot Bracket

Make your own IdeaBox or IdeaBoard! A bracket of .062" aluminum, sized to fit a New Sensor 1790NS en..

$2.45 Ex Tax: $2.45

Fluted Silver Center, Large "BOSS", Colors

The "Large BOSS" knob. 1" diameter at the skirt. NOW in COLORS! ..

Price : $0.75 Ex Tax: $0.75

Fluted, Miniature Pointer, ABS Colors - For Knurled Shaft

Black 1900 H Clone, ABS, for 6 mm 18-tooth, split knurled shaft. 1/2" outside diameter. ..

$0.75 Ex Tax: $0.75

Fluted, Miniature, Black Pointer

1/2" diameter at the skirt, phenolic, style of Davies 1900H..

$0.85 Ex Tax: $0.85

Fluted, Miniature, Black Pointer, ABS

Clone of the 1900H, but in ABS rather than phenolic. Some Synth-makers prefer the "feel" of this mat..

$0.85 Ex Tax: $0.85

Fluted, Miniature, Colored, Pointer

A Small Bear Exclusive--colored ABS clones of the Davies 1900H...

Price : $0.90 Ex Tax: $0.90

Fluted, Miniature, Gold Pointer, ABS

ABS clone of the 1900H, white or black index. Click to choose...

Price : $0.95 Ex Tax: $0.95

Fluted, Small, Colors

Uses set-screw and brass insert for a 1/4" diameter shaft. Dimensions:  Height: 12 mm (31/64")   Ski..

Price : $0.75 Ex Tax: $0.75

Fluted, Small, Colors, No Skirt

Similar to the popular Philmore knob but smaller. With set-screw and brass insert for a 1/4" diamete..

Price : $0.75 Ex Tax: $0.75

Green Russian BMP Classic Style

Made from our tooling to fit a 1/4" diameter, smooth, full-round shaft. If you are restoring an..

Price : $1.49 Ex Tax: $1.49

Grinding Stones

For grinding metal and deburring. Click the title for a list of styles...

Price : $2.35 Ex Tax: $2.35

Hex Nut, 1/4" Switchcraft Jacks

For #11, 12A, 12B, etc.  Will also fit your ProCo RAT...

$0.17 Ex Tax: $0.17