MOTM-910 cascade multiple

synthesis technology MOTM-910 cascade multiple, (MOTM910MASTER) by

MOTM-910 cascade multiple

Courtesy of Paul Schreiber, here is the link to the Synthesis Technology User Guide:'s%20Guide.pdf

The MOTM-910 is a passive (needs no power) multiple with 4 cascaded 4-way multiples. Switching jacks are used to 'daisy-chain' the 4 sections together. Inserting a patch cord in any of 3 special locations (indicated by the arrows) breaks the chain below to the mults below. In this manner, you can configure the MOTM-910 many different ways:


  • 1ea of 1 in - 12 out
  • 1ea of 1 in - 3 out and 1ea 1 in - 9 out
  • 4ea of 1 in - 3 out
  • and so on.

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