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Fluted, Miniature, Black Pointer

1/2" diameter at the skirt, phenolic, style of Davies 1900HRound shaft 1/4” (6.35mm) ..

$1.19 Ex Tax: $1.19

Fluted, Miniature, Black Pointer, ABS (round shaft)

 Clone of the 1900H, but in ABS rather than phenolic. Some people prefer the "feel&quo..

$0.85 Ex Tax: $0.85

Fluted, Miniature, Colored, Pointer 1900 (round shaft)

 Colorful ABS clones of the Davies 1900H.Mounts with a set screw, for round s..

Price : $0.79 Ex Tax: $0.79

MFOS Sound Lab Mini Synth PCB

MFOS Sound Lab Mini Synth Bare PCBproduct page: sound lab mini synth ..

$39.00 Ex Tax: $39.00

4ms Mini Swash (DIY Kit)

 4ms mini swash kitSwash: sweetspot heart of the noise circuit Noisegait: music-no..

$129.00 Ex Tax: $129.00

Beetle Mini Power PCB

 new from frogleg synthesisThe Beetle is a small PCB for a Meanwell NSD10-12D12, which ..

Price : $10.00 Ex Tax: $10.00

CGS West Coast Mini Synth

 CGS West Coast Mini Synth An awesome eurorack module comprising multiple cgs ..

Priced from
$40.00 to $469.00 Ex Tax: $40.00

Division 6 Dual Mini Sequencer

 Division 6 Dual Mini Sequencer The Division 6 Dual Mini Sequencer gives you t..

Priced from
$35.00 to $200.00 Ex Tax: $0.00

Division 6 Dual Mini Sequencer MIDI Expander

 Add a pair of MIDI outputs to your Dual Mini Sequencer.  Requires v2 or above sequenc..

Priced from
$35.00 to $60.00 Ex Tax: $0.00

Division 6 Mini Sequesizer

 Mini synthesizer on the top.  Mini sequencer on the bottom.Power supply: +/-12..

Priced from
$90.00 to $200.00 Ex Tax: $90.00

Guinguin MME

 The GuinGuin MME is a Eurorack format Moog Minimoog clone. This synth DIY project is avail..

Priced from
$219.00 to $1349.00 Ex Tax: $199.00

MFOS Mini-Mixer 1W Amp - PCB

Mini-Mixer 1W Amp     view project  PCB  (Part# MINIAM..

$12.00 Ex Tax: $12.00

MFOS Minicontroller PCB

 MFOS Minicontrollerproduct page here: minicontrollercontent courtesy of Ray W..

$37.00 Ex Tax: $37.00

MFOS Sound Lab Mini-Synth Mk I

view project  Component Kit (w/PCB)  (Part# SLMS001KIT)Size: 10 x ..

$239.00 Ex Tax: $239.00

Retroaktiv PG-800 Mini-Controller

 pg-800 mini controller for Roland JX-8P, Super JX, GR-77 and MKS-70available in full k..

Priced from
$210.00 to $299.00 Ex Tax: $210.00

SSL 1651 Mini Sequencer II

 An upgraded version of our popular 1651 with greatly improved features. A collaboration wi..

$345.00 Ex Tax: $345.00

Sub-mini PC Pin Toggle Switch

 high quality switches manufactured by taiway- popular for many synth projects!please r..

Priced from
$1.99 to $2.99 Ex Tax: $1.99

Toppobrillo Buchla Format Minibus + Extender

 the Mini-Bus and Mini-Bus Extender are a compact, expandable and low noise power solu..

Priced from
$10.00 to $39.00 Ex Tax: $10.00

Waveform Catwalk Mult & Minimult (DIY)

 Catwalk Mult & Minimult project #4The Catwalk Mult + Minimult is Waveform'..

$21.00 Ex Tax: $21.00

Zeppelin Design Labs - Macchiato Mini Synth Digital Synthesizer DIY

 Macchiato Mini Synth Digital Synthesizer DIY The Macchiato Mini Synth is a fu..

Price : $59.00 Ex Tax: $59.00

Zlob MiniAtt

 Zlob MiniAttMiniAtt is a dual passive summed attenuator with toggle(mute) switches to ..

Priced from
$15.00 to $40.00 Ex Tax: $15.00

Zlob Minimix

 Zlob MinimixMinimix: is a 2hp simple 3 channel unity gain dc mixer. its capable o..

Priced from
$15.00 to $75.00 Ex Tax: $15.00