Thomas Henry SN Voice (MOTM DIY)

Out Of Stock t henry sn voice, full kit, MOTM, 3U (KITTHSNVCMOTM3U) by

t henry sn voice, full kit, MOTM, 3U

build the classic thomas henry sn voice for your MOTM rack!

module design based on the TI SN76477 IC

full kit includes everything you need- panel, pcb, bracket, panel and pcb parts. 

we've included rare and hard to source parts including the SN76477, LM394, SP3T ON_ON_ON switches, etc. 

we've also included hookup wire and a little pack of thermal compound for the tempco. 

each component is individually bagged and labelled

great information courtesy of scott stites is here: t henry link to birth of a synth

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