Timo Rozendal Fonitronik 2044 VCF

Timo Rozendal Fonitronik 2044 VCF - synthCube


Timo Rozendal Fonitronik 2044 VCF

v1.4a, black panel

documentation thread: 2044 filter

timo rozendal's version of the fonitronik ssm2044 vcf

this kit INCLUDES the drop-in SSI2144 adapter PCB with the SMT IC already soldered in place; add the 2X8-pin male headers and drop ito the DIP-16 socket. 


"The circuit is the same as the rev 3 of the fonitronik circuit (with the extended cutoff option). Matthias kindly gave me permission to offer this set to you all, he also send me this remark fyi: 

"just be aware, that the quality of the SSM2044 ICs is not the best. they had quite a bit of variance back then. that's the reason some manufacturers changed to curtis in the 80ies. the issue is that not all SSM2044 will have the same range. 


This PCB is NOT compatible with the Circuit Abbey 2144 adapter PCB


use the recently released sound semiconductor ssi2144 smt chip with adapter pcb in place of the ssm2044




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These kits and assembled modules are offered on demand, click the link to learn more.



Module Parameters
Panel Size8HP

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