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Timo Rozendal T Henry Bass++

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From Timo:

"I am happy to be able to offer you pcbs and panels for the Thomas Henry Bass++ (with permission!). 
I wanted to make this simple but versatile drum voice for my system but the pcb was not available anymore, so I decided to make a pcb and panel for it. It is great for a lof of things, especially bass drums :-)“

Changes from original design: 
- Sensitivity pot is moved to back of module. 
- Provided panel pcb, so no wiring required.

-impact is a clicky impulse 
-shell is a triangle-like tone 

The panel icons might need some explanation, or just some wiggling. I will make an explaining picture later, but if these are the pots: 
1 2 
3 4 
5 6 
7 8 

Then they are mapped to: 
1. impact level 
2. impact tone (left is muffled, right is bright) 
3. shell level 
4. shell decay length (mapped to amplitude) 
5. shell tone 
6. shell sweep (amount to which the decay influences the tone) 
7. shell cv (amount to which the cv input influences the tone) 
8. total level 


On Demand Info

These kits and assembled modules are offered on demand, click the link to learn more.

Module Parameters
Panel Size8HP

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