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tojpeters black swamp

First is a CGS36 pulse divider/logic. The pulse divider has a reset button and a 'syncopate' switch that forces it to reset at /7,causing the lower divisions to take on a funky syncopated feel. 
In between the 2 half's of that module is CGS31 digital noise. 
It has both random gates on the panel (with LEDs) and the internal clock is available at the clock I/O jack when not using an external clock. There is a low speed mod for this as well that involves leaving out 1 resistor. LEDs for all the divisions. 
Next up is one of my favorites, CGS13 Gated Comparator. 
This has a few wiring and label changes as compared to the SWAMP. The loop enable switch is wired so it cuts off the input while in loop mode. The former loop enable jack is now labeled loop disable,a gate here will end the loop. There is a load button that adds bits to the loop manually. The loop in jack next to it adds bits when sent a gate. There is a rotary switch to choose the number of steps in your loop,one position goes to another loop in jack useful for cascading another gated comp into it. The sequencer knobs are all push-pull,pulling the knob disables the bits,1-8. 
Now the sequencer. CGS87 8 step plus a single CGS59A board,CGS 28 SEQUENTIAL SWITCH, CGS86 8 PAD SERGE TOUCH RESPONSIVE KEYBOARD, 2x CGS39 QUAD LOGIC GATE,YuSynth RANDOM GATES, and a board from me for the solo function. 
Row A are push-pull pots for scaling the output voltage. The switch position of this knob affects the entire column. Each column has a 3 position gate switch with gate 1 that lasts for the duration of the clock pulse,a center no gate position,and gate 2 which starts when the clock pulse goes low. With PWM you can adjust just how long each gate lasts and when gate 2 starts.Each column has 2 switches that can be wired as run/hold/skip or run/stop/skip for each direction hold makes that stage stay on until a new stage is select,stop makes the stage not play and the sequence stops. 
Each column has a touch pad. There is a solo switch that allows row D to be played as a keyboard while rows A-C sequence normally. Vertical sequencing (A-B-C-D) can be set to reset after row b,c,or d. You would want to reset it after B or C when using Solo mode. There is a reset button for the vertical sequencer.There is also a random sequence feature. And a stop jack,a gate here will stop the sequence at the ghost stage. I recommend CGS91 rails and maybe 2 of the CGS94 pot mounting rails. 

link here: black swamp

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