tojpeters quicksand

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tojpeters quicksand

4U black panel

uses CGS PCBs to create great synths!

discussion here: black panels

This project uses:

3x CGS48 VCO- No real mods,but a couple wiring changes. Instead of AC and DC jacks for the saw,saw to sine and FM there is a switch for each to choose AC or DC.The processor input has a switch to bypass the processor and provide another 1v/oct in. The third VCO has the sub-oscillator section brought out to the panel. Under that is a CGSRRPC ring modulator. 
Next is a CGS97 Serge noise source. This is made with the track cut as mentioned in the instructions with a seperate input and attenuator for the S&H,an AC/DC switch for the output and a manual trigger button. 
Next is a CGS112 VCFQ with a switch for low frequency mode and a switch to link the frequency control to resonance. 
Next is a CGS 04 DC Mixer. Works well for audio also. 
Then there is a CGS114 DUSG. The top half has a DC out and a second out that can be switched from AC to BiPolar. There is a cycle switch,which I can show you how to wire so the LED changes from green to red to indicate cycle mode (not required). There is a knob to introduce a variable exponential mode.This goes through a CGS04 dc mixer board to isolate it from any signal into the VC in jack. This mod works great. 
The bottom is similar,but with a CGS96 comparator wired into the second output jack to give a nice variable clock source. 
Lastly a CGS101 DCSM with a couple CGS64 VCA boards to add VC pan depth. And CGS91 rails if you are so inclined-I recommend them. 

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