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The SMR4P-Multi contains the best from 2 worlds .  First , it sounds warm  like  the  SMR4  and second -  

15 different filtertypes  like the 4PM.

While  doing sounddesign it is very helpfull to have  a ' swiss knive' VCF.  So we implement  15 different filtertypes  like

6+12+18+24dB LP       6+12+18 dB HP          6+12 dB BP        HP2LP, HP3LP     Notch,Phaser, Notch+LP1, Phaser+LP1.


What else  we have build in ?

There is also a FM  posibility, an inbuild VCA  , and you can  switch the different filtertypes a:) manual   or b:)  voltage controlled.

Inputs: Audio in, Res= resonance contol (0..10 V),Gain(VCA control 0..10V) , Mod (extern) and Cut(V/OCT0..10V)

Outputs : VCA  and  VCF    ***  VCA, the  output singal is contolled  in its amplitude by Gain  0..10 v

VCF  is the direct signal without  VCA controll

DIY scills :  good soldering knowledge , high integrated parts -  through hole , no SMT


More Informations and downloads, klick  on the text below


Quickstart manual SMR4P-multi


Assembly guide










block diagramm


trouble shooting

Module Parameters
Panel Size10HP

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