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Zlob Diode Chaos

Diode Chaos is a 3hp analog chaotic low frequency voltage generator. It is a unique module because it has never existed as an electronic music instrument until now. The module is based on a circuit from a paper called “A simple chaotic circuit with a light-emitting diode” written by Volos, Wang, Jafari, and Kapitaniak.

Diode Chaos produces 3 phases of interrelated morphing voltages including a chaotic trigger out. The range is 20-30 seconds a cycle up to audio rate, although only the X out and TRIG out go up to audio rate. The frequency is controlled by the RATE knob. Each output exhibits different behavior at different rate settings. X,Y, and Z outs like to stay in the 4vpp range although at different RATE settings the outs can reach 10vpp. The TRIG out chaotically releases 0-10v triggers although sometimes it will spit out smaller voltage peaks.

LED soldermask windows provide constant display of positive and negative voltage crossings.

Differences between chaos and random(some quoted and summarized material from Ian Fritz’s site)

Chaos is “highly irregular, but still contained within a finite region (the “strange attractor”)”

Chaos occurs in 3 dimensions

Chaos needs a non-linear element( with Diode Chaos the nonlinear element is a red LED, and the chaos is directly visible and useable at the TRIG out)


Module Parameters
Panel Size3HP

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