7dials CV Express

Out Of Stock 7dials cv express, full kit, euro 8hp (KIT7DCVXPEURO08) by synthcube.com


7dials cv express, full kit, euro 8hp

first offering from the guys at 7dials!

new black panel versions

The 7 Dials CV Express module is a dual input device that primarily features an expression pedal input interface which produces a variety of control voltages for use in controlling other modules. 
In addition to the expression pedal interface there is also a secondary CV input which can be used in conjunction with the expression pedal input to provide the user with multiple CV outputs, a Gate output and also a Trigger output. 

Of the three dedicated expression pedal CV outputs, the first is a dual polarity variable output. 
The polarity of this output is switchable (via the toggle switch) between both Rising (Heel to Toe), and Falling (Toe to Heel) polarities. This output can be modified further by the Vari Output Scale and Vari Output Offset potentiometers. 
The next two CV outputs are for a dedicated Rising output, and also its Falling output counterpart, each with an associated front panel offset control. 
The final aspect of the CV Express is a Comparator which generates Gate and Trigger outputs with control over the switching threshold. 

The module can be used in a number of ways. The expression pedal or a CV input can be used independently or both can be used simultaneously. When using both at the same time, the two signals are mixed and the voltage range produced by the expression pedal is halved to ensure the output stays within a usable range of +/-5v to 0-10v. 

more here: 7dials cv express thread

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