Barton BMC014 Gate Delay Looper

Barton Gate Delay Looper


Barton BMC014 Gate Delay Looper


bundle includes the barton pcb+pic, clarke robinson panel, 

kit includes everything you need except for the tools and solder

the module is described here: "The Gate Delay/Looper is a module which either delays gate signals or creates loops from them. It is low parts count, the only chips are a quad op-amp and an 8 bit PIC microcontroller. It has two ranges of delay times, allowing for better fine tuning of short delays. In loop mode it can also do "Gated Looping." In gated looping mode, it doesn't begin to play the loop until a pulse is given to the "reset" input, and will continue to play that loop while this pulse is high. Maximum Delay time (short range): 220ms Maximum Delay time (long range): 3.25 Seconds Maximum Loop Length: 3.18 Seconds Sampling rate: 1.1khz"


more information is here: barton gate delay looper documentation



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Kit Parameters
Build DifficultyEasy
Parts Count53
Module Parameters

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