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Open Music Labs BootlegMIC Kit


Inspired by all the awful sounding concert videos on youtube, we designed this microphone to be cheap and easy to use, so hopefully lots of people start using them! Please!  The bootlegMIC uses a simple modification to a common electret microphone, to decrease the output level, and decrease the distortion normally associated with cellphone microphones.  It works with any CTIA standard headphone connector (iPhone, and newer models of other phones).

The bootlegMIC is just as useful for concerts as it is for capturing impromptu jam sessions or other loud field recordings. It can even be modified to work with a laptop or mixing board. The gain of the microphone is set by one of the resistors, so if it doesn’t match your phone, it’s a simple matter of swapping out a resistor to get the sound you want.

To learn more about the bootlegMIC, and see the assembly instructions, please visit the open music labs bootlegMIC web page at


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