PT Audio Dual Digital Osc (Euro DIY)

pt audio dual digital osc, full kit, euro, 26hp (KITPTDDOXECLK26) by


pt audio dual digital osc, full kit, euro, 26hp

this is a full kit to build the pt audio dual digital oscillator in euro format

it includes the PCB, flashed Atmega chip, euro panel by clarke robinson (26 hp wide), euro power cable, all PCB parts, all panel parts. 

All you need is wire and solder. We've included MTA headers and sockets if you'd like to crimp connect some or all of the jack and pot connections to the PCB. 

the description, courtesy of peter: 

Both oscillators share a set of 4 * 8 Wavetables that can be interpolated. 

It has 8 modes of operation: 
- 1. Phase mod 1->2, 2->1 
- 2. Saw mod 
- 3. SampleWrap 
- 4. BitCrush 
- 5. PhaseCrush 
- 6. Bitkill 
- 7. And/Or 
- 8. Sync 1->2 
(still not 100% set in stone as so many variations sound cool) 

pitch tracking is 5 octaves, 1V/oct. And can be offset +5 octaves with the coarse/fine controls. Additionally the pitch can be modified by the pitch mod inputs +/- 5 octaves. 

Osc1 can be switched down one octave, and osc2 switched down 8 osctaves. 

Osc2 can either follow osc1 or run free, by flipping the link switch. 

All CV inputs are 0-5V but the pitch mod that is -5/+5. All inputs are protected against voltages outside that range, but inputting a non expected voltage may result in unexpected behaviour"


the module is discussed further here:

Module Parameters

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