Steiner Microcon (Euro DIY)

steiner microcon, euro, full DIY kit (KITSTMCROECLK10) by

Steiner Microcon (Euro DIY)


the classic Steiner Microcon voice module in euro format.

The circuit/PCB was recast by David Ingebretsen in 2012, with permission from Nyle Steiner, and is of the highest quality.

The euro format panel is designed by Clarke Robinson and produced by synthCube.

The kit includes everything required to assemble the Microcon- PCB, panel, mounting hardware, power cable, PCB parts, panel parts, wires, shrink tubing, pre-crimped header connectors, etc. You bring only tools and a dab of silicon grease for the tempco resistor.

Assembled versions include a full one year warranty


Kit Parameters
Build DifficultyModerate
Parts Count218
Module Parameters
Panel Size24HP

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