MOTM-940 Patch

Synthesis Technology MOTM-940 Patch


Synthesis Technology MOTM-940 Patch


Courtesy of Paul Schreiber, here is the link to the Synthesis Technology User Guide:'s%20Guide.pdf

The MOTM-940 is used to interface between the MOTM system and other synthesizers or audio equipment that uses 3.5mm or banana jacks. Although in a 2U x 5U sized panel, the MOTM-940 can be integrated into any studio to patch between synthesizers without costly custom cables.

The top portion of the MOTM-940 consists of 6 sets of 1/4", 3.5mm (also referred to as 1/8") and banana jacks. Each jack is connected to the others, as are all grounds. The banana jack has an associated grounding jack spaced 3/4" away so that standard dual banana plugs can easily be used. Each banana signal jack is a different color.

Across the bottom of the panel are 2 4-way multiples using 1/4" jacks. This allows multiple feeds from one patch cord.

The MOTM-940 uses Switchcraft 1/4" and 3.5mm jacks and heavy-duty E.F. Johnson banana jacks to provide years of reliable service. The front panel (like all MOTM products) is 1/8" aircraft aluminum, precision milled to 0.003" tolerance


Module Parameters
Panel Size2U

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