DDRM pot set, 70 bourns sliders

DDRM pot set, 70 bourns slidersthis item includes one set of 70 bourns slider pots for the upcoming ..

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synthesis technology MOTM-490 uVCF

synthesis technology MOTM-490 uVCFThe classic tone of the 1970s, the lowpass ladder filter defined "..

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MOTM bracket, BR1

original design by synthesis techology for use in mounting pcbs for a number of MOTM modulesstainles..

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styrene film capacitor

styrene film capacitorxicon 2p seriessuitable for audio path applications in many popular module des..

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rogan series p knobs

popular knobs similar to 'make noise' and 'mutable' modulesskirted types available black with white ..

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oakley vc phaser (equinoxe)

oakley vc phaser (equinoxe)MOTM 1U panelNote: this panel version uses the label VC PHASER rather tha..

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2N4302 JFET

2N4302 TRANSISTOR | JFET | N-CHANNEL | 30V VBRDSS | 5MA IDSS | TO-106suitable for the moogah sem vcf..

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cgs bi-n-tic filter, motm 2U

cgs bi-n-tic filter, motm 2Uken stone's classic designmotm panel, 2Ubundle includes the panel, pcb a..

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